Fruit Cup Slicer

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Easily slice fruit with just one hand. 🍓🥝🍌 Easy to use, save time and effort.

CUP SLICER KITCHEN TOOL: Fruit slicer is a practical kitchen tool. It is suitable for both home cooking and restaurant cooking. You can use it to slice fresh vegetables, fruits and so on. You can easily slice fruits and vegetables into more uniform shapes than regular knives.

EASY TO USE: The cup slicer is designed to be safer and more practical than sharp tools, the sturdy blade can easily speed up the process of fruit salad preparation when cutting strawberries, bananas and kiwis. With smooth surface and 3 different colors, the fruit slicer is stylish and elegant, the cooking experience will become more relaxing and enjoyable.

PREMIUM QUALITY MATERIAL: The cup slicer is made of ABS plastic cup body and stainless steel blade, you can wash it with water directly after use, you don't need to worry about the blade rusting at all.

CONVENIENT TO CARRY AND STORE: The dust cover on the bottom of the fruit slicer cup protects the blades from scratches, and you can easily store it in your kitchen drawer or countertop without taking up your space. Easy to carry and suitable for outdoor use.

EASY TO CLEAN: The slicer is square and has no dead ends to wash. Rinse with clean water or in the dishwasher after use. Let it dry naturally for next use.

Wide Applications: Fruit slicer is a practical kitchen tool. It is suitable for home cooking and restaurant cooking. The slicer can be used to quickly cut apples, strawberries, bananas, eggs, etc., making cutting fruits and vegetables effortless. It is a great gift for family and wife. Mini slicer kitchen is suitable for both home cooking and restaurant cooking.

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